Must have trousers for the winter

I walked in the Zara and I saw these trousers, it fits perfectly skinny and the fabric feels great. I really am in love with these €20 trousers and I had to buy it. I wear it pretty often because it fits just like a jogging, but this is way more stylish.

The Zara is a shop where you find things you love or you hate. When I saw these trousers, I absolutely fell in love. The fabric feels like a jogging, but when you see it, it looks like normal trousers. I also love the detail of the zipper, so different from other trousers I have, a great detail.

You can style the trousers very easily with a top. I styled it here with a black top, but you can also style it nicely with white or army green (same color as the green stripe). I chose a black top with details at the sleeves and the neck. This is a very budget top of the Zara, I paid less than €8,- well that’s nice shopping, right? I had to buy it and it sits great and looks so nice.

Shop here my look: Trousers Zara | Top Zara

I really want more of this trousers because they are amazing.

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Super gaaf! Leuk dat je voor budget items hebt gekozen. Zo laat je zien dat fashion voor iedereen toegankelijk is.