New Collection Warby Parker glasses

New Collection Warby Parker glasses

Hi girls,

Warby Parker inspired me to help them announce their newest collection (sun)glasses. The new collection Warby Parker glasses is online on their website since today. In this article, you can read my opinion about the glasses. And how you can make a lovely look with this glasses.

Their inspiration

“How do the designers get inspiration to design nice (sun)glasses?”

“Our in-house design team gathers inspiration from around the globe. Each frame is designed in-house from initial sketch to prototype testing to final design. Our designers cook up custom pattern variations and features, like our never-before-seen triple-gradient lenses. From Japan to Italy and Germany, both our materials and inspiration for glasses are pulled together from around the world.”

The sunglasses

 Here you see lovely black sunglasses with pink/orange glasses in it. I like it when sunglasses are an eye catcher. And in my opinion, this is an eye catcher. When you wear glasses like this, make sure you wear a neutral outfit. Because it doesn’t look nice when your outfit contains a lot of different colours.

This regular sunglasses are really nice and easy to wear with everything. The glasses are blue/grey and the frame is from black metal. I really like this Warby Parker glasses because you can style this very easily with everything. And it gives your outfit a finishing touch, which I really like.

Normal glasses

This is my favourite from the new collection, in a light pink colour. These glasses are subtle, but not normal like we used to know. I love it to be different and with glasses, you can be that. But it is not that you can’t wear what you want because the colour is really easy.

For more glasses, check the website I only said something about the 3 glasses I love the most, but of course, they have a lot more glasses.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day loves.

Xoxo Emma

Btw. next blogpost will be on Thursday.

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