Vampire halloween look

Hi girls,

I made a video makeup tutorial on youtube.

I hoped you all liked watching this video, if you did, please give it a like. And if you want to see more video’s later, make sure you subscribe to my channel.

I really enjoyed making a tutorial for the first time, I had to do it a few times before I liked it, but this video is good, I think. I only don’t like my way of speaking English in a few parts.

I used a few products I didn’t notice in the video, so I would like to notice them here and I would like to share how I made my vampire blood.

The foundation I used is from Clinique, I used the anti blemish collection, which is a great collection for young people. After the foundation, I whited my face with cornflower (I know I called that one maizena because I really thought that was the right word in English, but it isn’t). The eye base I used is from Douglas and the eyeshadow from Smashbox, I used the mini pallet with the brown colours, I used 3 colours, at the bottom I used the darkest brown, left under, in the middle I used the dark brown glitter, left above and on top I used silver, right above. I used a mascara from Douglas and also my lip gloss is from Douglas, color 2.

How I made the blood. I used some gelatin and red, blue and green food color. I used this ingredient because you can eat it and that’s nice when you have to put it in your mouth. Before you cool the gelatine, make sure you put the food colours in it, you need to use the most of red and a bit of blue and green to make it darker, be careful with green and blue, it is easier to make it darker by adding more than to make it lighter, because when the colour is in the gelatine, you cannot get it out.

As you can see the look is not really hard to make, it was the first time I did it and I really like the result.

My mom made some pictures while I made this look, so here are some special pictures.

Enjoy your Halloween girls,

xoxo Emma


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Ah I love this.. I will definitely have to give it a try! I am so glad I found your blog too, keep up the lovely work! x