The best lip fixer ever

Broken lips, I got this like all the time during the winter. Do you recognize this? Well, I found a lip oil which fixes your lips very fast. 

I made the worst picture of my lips with the phone of my boyfriend, but I deleted it without sending it to myself, so the worst picture is gone, but I have some other pictures where you can see my lips were ugly and broken. I hate those cold months and what it does with your skin.

Broken lips day 2

Day 2

Broken lips day 3

Day 3

Broken lips day 3 with oil

Day 3 with the oil

Broken lips day 4

Day 4

After 4 days my lips looked normal, I never had this before. And I didn’t even apply it that much. Normally I put vaseline on it and when I get the change to destroy my lips I do it. But with this oil, I don’t want to.

Lip comfort oil – Clarins Paris

lip comfort oil clarions

When I was at the store to buy a Dior lipgloss, I got this one to test. I didn’t have that much with Clarins, but when my lips were broken, I had to try it. And I really love this oil. It is not sticky and also not oily. It feels like a great lipgloss and it also looks much better than a normal lip fixer. When this one is empty I want a new one, because this wonder oil will save my lips during the winter.

You have the oil in many colors and I had honey. They are about 25 euros and it is worth the money if you want nice lips. Honey gives your lips a nice shine, but you don’t see something yellow on your lips. I wonder if you can see the other colors on your lips.

The normal one you can buy in the stores looks better than the one I could test ;).

Have you ever tried this oil? Let me know in the comments!!


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