Tanning in the winter

Tanning in the winter

Hi girls,

This weekend I wrote about the new outfit I bought to get the spring feeling, but how can you get that feeling without having a colour and being as white as snow? Well, I didn’t know so I went to the shop to buy tanning stuff, here you can read my opinion about the two items I bought.


Here you can see a picture of the items I bought. It is a foam for the body from St. Moriz on the left and a cream for your face from Louis Widmer on the right.

Self Tanning Mousse – St. Moriz


Before I went to sleep and when I was in a hurry because it was getting really late I applied the foam on my skin, which was a stupid thing to do, because it looks awful on many places.  You will see it in some pictures below. The foam is brown and is really easy to apply, but bring it on your skin with a washcloth or something and not with your hands, because otherwise your hands will look like my hands and I couldn’t remove it with water and soap and not even with makeup remover. But next to that 2 mistakes I made, my skin got a nice colour.


Look at my hands, my palm looks orange and in the other picture, you can see that my nails are dirty too. It looked like I have been working in the garden all day. And that is the dirtiest thing in the world.


Here you can see a part of my arm, I didn’t do it right because you can see the difference between my upside and downside.  It is a good thing I wear a long shirt all day because this looks awful. It also looks a bit like I’m hurt really bad, but I’m glad that isn’t what happened, haha.

I like what it does with your body when you are careful and when it doesn’t be on your hands like you could see on the pictures.

Self-tan for the face – Louis Widmer


The creme is white, which looks a bit weird for tanning creme, but that doesn’t mean that it is a bad tanning cream, I actually really like it. Louis Widmer doesn’t use perfume in his beauty articles, which is a really good thing for those of you which are allergic to perfume. It is really easy to apply, first I applied my normal day and night creme on my face and after that, I applied a bit of the self-tanning creme than I did the rest of my makeup and at the end, I finished with another layer of the creme.


Here you can see a picture of me with the creme on my head. The only makeup I’m wearing here is a lip gloss in a pink glittery shade and mascara, no bronzer or other brown makeup except the self-tanning creme. This so you can see how it looks on my face. To give your face a more summery look, use a bit of blush on your cheeks or use a lip and cheek stain to give it a red/pink colour. Which give your face more colour, and that is the thing you also have in the summer. And use a bit on the top of your nose.

Xoxo Emma

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