Sun protection for your face Clinique and Lancaster

Hi girls, during the summer (and winter) it is important to protect your face from a sunburn. A sunburn is painful, looks awful, but it is also bad for your skin, if you get a lot of sunburns, you look faster old and it can cause cancer. Both things are things I don’t want and I guess you don’t want them too.

I use 3 products to protect my skin against the sun and give it a good treatment after tanning. I use a face cream from Lancaster, a stick from Clinique and when I am done in the sun I have an after sun special for the face from Lancaster.

Face cream Lancaster SPF 30

So for all the skin on my face, I use the sun protection of Lancaster. I use this since a long time and I use a special creme for my face because this is better for your skin. There is no oil in a face cream, which is better for your skin and don’t cause pimples. Nobody likes them so it is good to have a special creme for it.
Since I use this creme I never had a sunburn on my face. It is important to put it on your skin like half on an hour before you go into the sun and put a new layer on your face after swimming or after two hours for the best result.
I like this sun protection because you don’t need much to protect your face, the smell is soft and great and I like the orange package. In my opinion, this is the best sun protection from the more expensive ones.

Sun stick from Clinique SPF 35

Because my nose likes to be red I use a special sun protection for my nose. I don’t want a painful and red nose. Since I use this stick my nose doesn’t get sunburned anymore. I don’t have a broken skin anymore because of the sunburn. With this, it is also important to bring it to the places on your skin which need more protection an hour before you will see the sun, but every two hours or when you swim a new layer on the places.
I like this one because it is very easy to apply and when you use it more and more in one place, it will be marked just like a lipstick can be marked. With this I mean you can see how it is used. It is a bit oily, but it doesn’t look oily on your skin.

Aftersun and tan maximizer for the face from Lancaster

And after the sun is not only great to cool down after you get a sunburn but also to protect your tanned face. When you put every day a layer after the sun on your face after you went into the sun, you will stay longer tanned.
It is the best to use an after sun specially made for the face and you can replace it as your night creme. Wash your face in your normal way and then put a bit of the after the sun on your face.
The smell of this one is nice and I like it that you can replace it as your night creme, I don’t want that many creams to put on my face before I went to sleep.

What kind of creams do you use as sun protection and after the sun for your face? Let me know!!

Xoxo Emma


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