Spring Style

Spring Style

Hi girls,

A new season is coming, the shops are filled with their new collections and black thick clothes make space for light colorful and white clothes. I really love changes of seasons, I don’t like my winter clothes anymore, so yesterday I decided to shop some new clothes, and Zara was the lucky one, that was the shop where I bought my first clothes of this new season.

On the picture you can see one of the blouses I’ve bought and my brand new jeans, I was wearing a dress with a panty while  I was shopping, and to see if things are looking good, you need to wear it the way you want to wear it when you buy it, so I looked for jeans and while I was trying my blouses I couldn’t leave the shop without the jeans.

The blouse is in a creamy color, which I really love for the summer and the jeans are just a normal blue jeans. I am wearing my Michael Kors sneakers, the white one with gold accents, which I couldn’t find on the internet so I don’t have a link. I really love the look of my shoes, but the quality is not that good, normally my Michael Kors shoes stay really beautiful and I don’t understand why these shoes are not that good in quality. The jeans is a really good skinny jeans, tight around my legs, just because skinny jeans have to be.

I finished my look with my favorite necklace from Tiffany and co. I am wearing this necklace a lot, I got it from my grandparents for my 18th birthday and from the moment I got it, I didn’t take it off anymore. Return to Tiffany is a really nice collection in my opinion. And most things in silver have a payable price. I also wear a bracelet with an anchor, which you see really much the last time. On the picture, it looks dark blue, but it is more purple/blue.

Xoxo Emma








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