Mom-daughter day – my first time in the spa

I love to spend some time with my mom and I think this is very important to do. Normally our mom-daughter time is shopping, going to healthy hotspots and stuff, but this time my mom really wanted to go to a spa together. I had never been there, so for me, it was a bit scary to be there with only naked people.

The spa – Elysium

elysium spa

My mom has been here often with her friend and they love this spa the most, so we went to this spa. In the beginning, it was a bit weird, everybody had to go to the same dressing room, which was not very nice at the beginning, but luckily there were not that many people, and no guys were close to us.

First, we had to shower, I had to take off my bathrobe, which I didn’t like that much, haha. After that, we went to the first sauna, it was less scary to be naked and I actually enjoyed it. When we were sweaty and done with the sauna we had to cool in the very cold water. I can say I HATED this, no fun at all to get in that water, but I had to do it because it is good for your body to cool down.


Restaurant elysium

We had to eat after all the sweat we lost, so we had a salad with a cup of mint tea. I took a carpaccio salad and my mom took a goats cheese salad. The carpaccio salad really was delicious and big, my mom taught the goats cheese salad was a bit to caramelized in something, I think honey.

More saunas and pools

Spa day elysium Elysium spa pool

After lunch we took more saunas went into a bubble bath and into the swimming pool, which was cold. We also went to a sauna named the witched sauna. I wanted to go into this sauna because of the name. It was a cute small wooden house, with space for four people. It was hot, but I could sleep in it, I don’t know how, but I was so tired that I fell asleep. At last, we took another pool, with hot water this time and after that, we took a scrub shower and went home.

I never thought I would enjoy a spa, but I did!

* I couldn’t take pictures, so all the pictures are from the internet. *

Do you like going to the spa?


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