Ski divas on the ski piste, is this me or not?

I love skiing so in this blog I wanted to tell you about ski divas. I don’t know if this is a real term, but I’ll explain what I mean. A ski diva is a girl/woman who wants to be the fashion queen on the piste. She only cares about her look and her ski skills are not good. Am I a ski diva or totally not.

Ski divas look

The favorite brand of a ski diva is Bogner. NOT Fire and Ice (a brand made by Bogner). She wears everything of it, pants, jackets, helmets, snow glasses, everything. But she never wears her snow glasses, she always wears her big sunglasses. And fur is really important, how more how better. The pants are always really slim fitted against the legs, how tighter they are the better it is. How bigger your but looks, how better the pants.

Is this me? Kinda, but different brands, I am really in love with the jacket from Emporio Armani 7. It has fur, but it is more subtle than the jackets from Bogner. I always wear really tight pants, because I love it. In the pictures above you can see me wearing white pants and gray with black pants, both are from Falcon. My jacket is from Tommy Hilfiger and has fur, but fake fur. I am wearing Gucci sunglasses, but they are not big enough. My Louis Vuitton glasses are more in this picture.

Her skills

A ski diva is not good in skiing. She doesn’t know how to ski on a good way, so it looks it is the first time she skies. When it is snowing, windy or whatever she doesn’t want to ski. She only skies when the sky is blue and the sun is hot. The other days she is sitting in the spa or whatever.

Is this me? Absolutely not, my ski skills are good and I love to ski. Of course, I love the sun on my skin when I ski, but I also go skiing when the weather sucks.

Is this you? Tell me in the comments!!

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