Sephora hand mask, yay or nay?

During the winter my hands get so dry. When I was in a Sephora store, I saw this mask and it told me that it should work for dry hands, so I gave it a try. I bought it and when my hands were broken during skiing, I  tried it after it.

Sephora avocado hand mask

The avocado mask is the best one for dry hands, so I bought that one. I love avocado and the smell, so that’s great. I have to say that I didn’t smell any avocado when the mask was on my hands or after that but okay.

How does it work?

You start with putting the gloves on your dry and clean hands
You can remove the paper to fit the gloves
Relax for 15 minutes, using your phone is very hard, but you can drink a cup of tea or watch a bit series
After 15 minutes you can remove the gloves and your hands feel so soft.

What do I think?

It really makes your hands soft like baby hands and I love that. Before using the hand mask my hands were ugly with white places, but after using it, it was gone. My hands look¬†much better now, the broken places are not that worse anymore which is great. And they don’t hurt anymore.

Yay or nay?

This is a big yay for me and I wish I had bought more, I really need a Sephora in the Netherlands now haha.

Do you know this mask?


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Ik heb toen enkel een haarmasker gekocht in de sephora… Dus nu heb ik wel spijt dat ik dit handmasker niet gekocht hebt! Want deze klinkt super goed!