Second city day in Amsterdam

Second city day in Amsterdam

I went with my mom to Amsterdam, my phone was broken so we had to go to the Apple store to fix it and we spend the rest of the day in Amsterdam.

So we started at the Apple store to fix my phone, it wasn’t fixable so I got a new one. The service of Apple is good! It took an hour, but okay. After that, we went to the Michael Kors store. They have an activity tracker and it looks so good, it is more like a bracelet so it looks classy. I have read much about it on American blogs, but when I asked about it, nobody knows what I meant. Until now, because it is available in the Netherlands. I really want the activity tracker for my birthday, which is in September, but okay.

Lunch time

When it was time to have a lunch, we went to “de 9 straatjes”, these are 9 cute, little streets. I really wanted to eat at “pluk” but they told us, we had to wait for more than an hour. My mom and I didn’t want that so we went to another restaurant “Ree7”, which is also healthy and delicious. I ate a brown sandwich with smoked salmon with homemade ice tea. It was made of ginger, citron, and mint. My mom ate a goats cheese salad with mint tea.


After our lunch, we did some shopping. And we took pictures of course. I love it to take pictures at the canals, the old houses are so beautiful and it is just the perfect place to take pictures. Only the sun was a bit too bright, so my eyes are closed in like every picture… With the shopping, I bought pink jeans in the Zara for less than €30,-. I saw it and I need to have it. And I also bought a pink top. Soon you’ll this pieces into looks on my blog.

My Amsterdam city look

I am wearing a top and jeans from Zara. Shoes from Michael Kors. Socks from Wolford. A bag from Josh V. At least is my jacket from  FTH Down Jacket.

I am in love with my socks, they are like the fishnet panty, but different. The holes are smaller and the patron is a bit different. It is classy and stylish and I love it. The socks are expensive, they are €17,- for one pair. But you’ll shine in it.

Spring look Wolford socks


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