8 Reasons why you should(n’t) take protein

Hi girls, this week is the first time I write about my new subject, fit girl, as you may already know I am working my ass off in the gym to get the perfect summer body, but for me, there was so much more to tell you about. So today I start with protein, this is something I don’t use, but many fit girls use it, why? Well, you read that in this blog and maybe after writing this blog I think “why don’t I use it?” fit girl

So you all know protein is good for your muscles I guess, that is why I eat eggs or chicken after I went to the gym, but the fit girls eat bowls of protein smoothies, protein bars, they make recipes with it and they drink it as a shake. Why? This is my question for a long time now, when I am in the gym I see many shakers. What is the difference between their shake and my egg with chicken?

I did some research on the internet and I found some things, some were good, some not. Here is the list of the most important things you should know about protein.

Reasons why you should take protein

 1. It helps you to lose weight, egg whites give your brain the feeling that you are not hungry. Which is a good thing to lose weight?

2. It is easier to sport longer when you take proteins. This is because proteins support your muscles to recover faster.

 3. When you use 10 grams protein in your workout you have less muscle ache, you won’t have it that hot anymore and you have less chance to get in infection.

4. It can help you handle stress. This is because whey makes the dust which is responsible for your mood. Next, to this, you are more focused, have a better memory and you are more alert.

5. It makes your hair, nails, and bones stronger. It is not only for the recovery of the cells in muscles but in every kind of cell in your body.

Reasons why you shouldn’t take protein

1. You take a lot of calories if you drink protein shakes all day long. When you take to much of it, there is a possibility that your body will transfer it into fat instead of muscles. And one thing is sure, we don’t want fat.

2. When you take to much egg whites your cholesterol will get higher, which is not good for your health.

(3. It is not good for your kidneys because they cannot handle a big amount egg whites. This is not when you don’t take more than they said you should take.)

After reading all these benefits, I really want to try this. What are your opinions of protein? Do you use it, so not, why? Let me know. I think you’ll read a blog soon what I think of using protein.

 The pictures above are from Instagram, the picture belongs to mirgaeva_galinka.


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