Nutristrenght Pea Protein review + recipe

Protein is a thing which is good for you straight after your workout, but I don’t like to drink them. This is why I went into the kitchen and made a new brownie cake which is more chocolate than the one I shared earlier. I am a chocolate lover and when I eat a brownie I want to taste chocolate, but I also want it to be healthy. And I will also share my opinion about the Nutristrenght Pea Protein I got from


I really love the box it is very stylish and looks so nice in the kitchen. I don’t like to drink this in a shake because it is thick and I don’t like a thick drink. But this powder is very good to make protein brownies, so I made a new recipe for you.  It tastes like cacao but also to something planting, I guess that are the peas. But it tastes good and not like you have a plate filled with peas as dinner because I don’t like them and that’s not like cacao. The powder comes in a box with a scoop just like every other powder. The first time I couldn’t find it because it was underneath the powder haha. has many proteins you can order, normal whey protein to vegan protein like this one. Because I am allergic to cow milk I chose to use this protein. It is not like a normal protein I guess because it is not from a cow, but for me it is good. It was great because after a workout I don’t feel my muscles as bad as before. And when I  do a new workout a day later I don’t have to quit because it hurts so much haha.

Want to know if why you should(n’t) take protein. Read it here.



50 ml coconut milk
3 eggs
2 scoops Nutristrenght Pea Protein roasted cacao
2 tablespoons raw cacao
25 grams dark chocolate (I used one of Cote d’Or)
2 teaspoons peanut butter

I made 4 servings of this, with:
186 kcal
8,5 g fat
2.2 saturated fat
18 g protein

How to:

1. Reheat the oven on 175 degrees Celcius.
2. Mix all the ingredients together expect the peanut butter, if you want to make it more smooth, add a bit more milk.
3. Put it in a cake form and put the peanut butter on top.
4. Place it in the oven for 15 minutes or until it is done. It has to be dry and not sticky.
5. Do your workout and enjoy afterward.

It is the best to eat this brownie straight after your workout. For the best results, you should eat this within 30 minutes. Read here more about the other brownie I made.


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Het lijkt een beetje op een stuk vlees, of een brownie! Interessant recept.