I cannot go to the gym and this is what happened

Hi girls, I had some problems with my website, so finally, here it is a new blog. This time about what changed inside me since I cannot go to the gym anymore. I cannot go to the gym anymore because I have an injury in my hip, which is really painful. The doctor told me to do nothing for the next 4 weeks, but how can I do nothing if the summer is coming? I asked my physio and he said, you can continue with some light cardio, so I will start doing this. But because I cannot do what I normally, do there are some things changed.

SUGAR, my new buddy

Sugar seems to be my best friend these days. I really want to eat so many bad foods and I cannot stop eating this food. I started eating so much more and so much better food. This is not only bad for your body because you gain weight, but it is also bad for your skin. Pimples pop out and the energy you get are not that long, too bad. Sugar is like an addiction when you take something with sugar you want more and more.

I feel fat

When I look into the mirror, I cannot be happy and watch myself. My belly is much bigger and filled with fat. And this after doing nothing for 2 weeks. I didn’t know it went that quick. But it is not even that weird because when your body used to burn a lot, they “save” things for later when you are in the gym or something. But when you stop going to the gym, your body still saves things, but you won’t burn them anymore. This is too bad because your fat will increase and this is not what we want.

Sleepy, I wanna sleep all the time

Do you know the feeling of want to sleep like the whole day? I never had that until now and I hate it to stay in bed for too long. I need much more sleep, normally I went to sleep at midnight, but now I go to bed 1 or 2 hours earlier. And I still wake up too tired. I never had that before and I can tell you it sucks.

Not fit anymore

When you think okay I survived the fat, the eating, and the sleep, there is more. I never get a cold anymore since I started going to the gym very often. But since I stopped for this two weeks, I have a cold and it won’t go away. My throat hurts. And it feels so bad.

I never want an injury again, because it destroys my health and my body.


What do you think?

Xoxo Emma


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