My ultimate Christmas wish list

My ultimate Christmas wish list

Hi girls,

I want to share my ultimate Christmas wish list, it is so hard to make one in a normal way, so I thought let’s share the things I get on Christmas in my dreams. As you all noticed, I think, I really love big brands and expensive luxury goods, so on my ultimate wish list, you will find this too. I don’t expect that people will give me this stuff, so I didn’t ask any of it.


Dear Santa,

This year I have a lot of big wishes for Christmas, and I have been a good girl this year, so maybe you can give me an amazing Christmas if you buy me these goods.

  • Louboutin heels, black with 9 cm heel
  • A designer handbag
  • A bottle of Armand de Brignac blanc de Blancs
  • An Alexander McQueen school bag in black
  • The Tiffany and Co. key with diamonds necklace.
  • Hermes belt

I hope you can make me happy this year.

Xoxo Emma


So okay, that was my letter to Santa. I will explain why I like this and put some pictures with it, if you continue reading


Louboutin heels are just so classy, you can combinate them with almost every look, which is amazing. They let your legs look longer, which is absolutely amazing for short girls like me, and the red sole just amazing and that’s why I want them. Price €515, –

A designer bag is an item every girl likes I think. I really love the Chanel boybag, it is like a timeless bag, but so classy and it give your outfit the absolutely wow effect. Then we have the Prada bag, this one is also one of my favourites. It looks so stunning and absolutely perfect. Then we also have the Dior bag, which is also a small bag, but I love Dior this bag is just amazing and perfect for shopping or a dinner. And my final wish bag is the Hermes bag, this is just an amazingly bag and all those beautiful and rich people have it and I cannot explain why, but I just need this exclusive bag and I don’t care how they killed those animals, because the bag is pretty and I will some money to an animal fund. Prada price €1709, – Chanel price €3720  – Dior price €3500 – Hermes price €4500,-


Armand de Brignac Blanc de Blancs is a champagne, it is one of the most expense champagnes and the bottle looks really cool. I am not a champagne lover, the only champagnes I once enjoyed was a bottle of Moët and Chandon and a mix of champagne and limoncello. So maybe I want this bottle more as decoration that to drink, but whatever.


I am a lover of Stella McCartney, but the bags are so expensive, like why would I buy a schoolbag which is €850, -? School destroys your bags, all those books are so heavy and your computer too, but it looks so fab and this is my ultimate Christmas list so I can ask whatever I want. But this bag is bae and I want to have it one day, maybe as a work bag for my work stuff or something like that.


The Tiffany and Co. key is the first thing I loved from Tiffany and Co. I was shopping with my mom in Paris and we saw the Tiffany store, in the window we could see that key and we both loved it, which is a miracle, because my mom kinda hates all the brands I like, she is not a lover of famous expensive brands, but more a lover of infamous expensive brands. So we entered the store and gave a look at the diamond key and we both were in shock with the price, like €13.100, – but I still really love this necklace so I had to put this on my list.


A Hermes belt, well that is like the most amazing belt I have ever seen, it is so classy and so nice. I also mentioned this belt in my post about belts and I still love it into pieces, because it is amazing.

This way my wish list, I hope you enjoyed it.

Xoxo Emma


  1. fashionablefitgirl
    15 December 2016 / 5:35 pm

    Omg you are killing me with this list!!! I want it all !!! But sooo expensive haha !! Totally loving the Hermes belt ! I do need a cool one

    • 15 December 2016 / 5:36 pm

      I wish I am able to buy it all, but I have way to less money! The Hermes belt is one of my favourites too

      • fashionablefitgirl
        15 December 2016 / 5:37 pm

        Yes same here! I could buy it all but have to spend my year’s earning haha

  2. Amina - I'mFG!
    19 December 2016 / 12:58 pm

    Ohhhhh mooie wishlist zeg!!! Die Louboutin heels, de Chanel boybag en die Hermes riem, sooooo nice! xxx

    • 19 December 2016 / 9:38 pm

      Haha, lekker door blijven dromen :p heerlijk is dat altijd

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