Josh V Shopper

Josh V Shopper

Hi girls,

After a long time using the same schoolbag over and over again, it was time for a new one. But there are so many bags, and I only liked the ones which I couldn’t afford for a schoolbag. A few days ago I was looking on facebook and I saw an advertisement of my perfect school bag of Josh V, it is a shopper and big enough for school.

Josh V

Josh V is a Dutch designers brand. I really like Dutch designers because I am also from the Netherlands. Josh V is the brand of Josh Veldhuizen. Since 2011 she has her own designer label. She loves luxury items and her collections are based on that. Nowadays she is one of the fastest growing labels in Europe. You can buy her collection in 9 European countries, sorry if you aren’t in them, let’s hope that she will grow fast.

The Josh V shopper itself

The Josh V shopper is made of suede in the color of anthracite. It is big enough for school and in my opinion, it looks fab. A bad thing, when you have the MacBook Pro, like me, you can put it in the bag. But you cannot close it with the zipper anymore. And on the website, they said it has enough space for your laptop. Well, that’s not really true. Buy luckily it fit and even with my books in it.

Style it

It is really easy to make a look with this bag. It fits with everything. Because the color is really easy to combinate with other colors.  In the picture you see me wearing my bag with black leather trousers from Guess, a shirt from Drykorn, read my post: City day – Den Bosch for more about this shirt and with my white Micheal Kors shoes, read my post: Spring Style for more information about the shoes.


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