Final day Indonesia

All about the last day in Indonesia, this is also the last post about my holidays. By this time I’m back in the Netherlands, back home. But we did some nice things on our last day.

Taking pictures

After breakfast, we went to the hotel to take a couple of pictures with the gorgeous things out here. They had a bike where you can sit on the front, a rice farmer had, a normal bike decorated with flowers, a wall with many clocks and a gorgeous building. So good for the pictures.

Rolled ice cream

Also in Bali, the rolled ice cream hype arrived, so I had to eat my first rolled ice cream here. It looks so nice those purple rolls with red sauce and strawberries. It is nice to see how they make it and it is also nice to eat it haha. Eating an ice cream is a perfect break when you are shopping.

Lunch – Beach Club Potato

On the beach, you can find this amazing beach club, with initial pool, much places to relax, good cocktails and good food. The place is very stylish and it is easy to sit here all day long. I had a coconut water mixture, which was so good and healthy, but also very much. The prices are not that high and the food is very good so if you are here, it is so nice to spend a rest day here.

After the lunch we went back to the hotel, relaxed a bit at the pool and went to the town for an early dinner, the driver would pick us at 8 pm so we needed to have an early dinner.

Early dinner – Bli Cracking

We went for the second time to this restaurant to have some small food, because it is very good. We cheered on our lovely holiday which was about to finish and we ate some good burgers. The good thing around dinner time is that they have a happy hour, which means here 1=2 but in some others, it is 2=3.

After dinner, we packed our suitcases and went to the lobby of the hotel to wait for the driver and we went to the airport. After like 40 minutes we got to the airport. We had a 9-hour flight to Dubai where we had to wait 3 hours and then we left to Amsterdam. The flight to Amsterdam was 6,5 hours. And after that, we got home.

Our adventure in Indonesia has finished, it was so great and the country is so beautiful, I hope to see it again!


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Abonneren op

Altijd jammer om weer naar huis te gaan. Hopelijk neem je heel veel mooie herinneringen mee terug

nicole orriens

Leuk die hoed! Je ziet er heel Hollands uit, en dan die buitenlandse hoed : ) Leuk contrast.