Indonesia day 4

Borobudur Temple

We went early to the Borobudur temple after having a breakfast. It was so beautiful and a good workout, because there were a lot of stairs. The Indonesian people there wanted to take pictures with me and my family because we have a white skin. My dress was a bit too short so I had to wear a blue scarf as a skirt over it.

Village tour

We made a village tour through a farming village. During the tour we met a 90-years-old lady, she was very small and had only one tooth left. She was going to the washing place. The village was in beautiful nature, a river, much green, but also colourful flowers. We visited a music school, where we made music, and we visited a krupuk factory. After the tour, we drink some jasmine tea at the restaurant with some Indonesian bites with it. Sticky rice, an egg roll and something else, all were good.

Coffee time with Kopi Loewak

After this, we went to a coffee house where they sold special coffee. Made with animal poo, this sounds really gross, but it tasted good. Especially when you drink it with coconut sugar.


We had an Indonesian lunch at a restaurant, after that we went to our hotel to swim a bit in the pool and after that, we went to the city centre to grab some food, we did this at a typical Indonesian street food place, so we also had to sit on the ground. It was very good.


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