Indonesia day 8, 9

Two days because I didn’t have wifi.

Day 8

Today, well call it tonight, we left the hotel to go to the Bromo Mountain to see the sunrise. I still wonder why they call it mountain because it is a volcano. We left the hotel around 12 in the morning, so we had a very short night. After the sunrise, we walked to the crater of the volcano and after that, we went to the Madakaripura waterfalls.

Bromo Mountain

We arrived very early at the place where the jeep would take us to the mountain, but there were already many people. We were at the spot around 4 am and the sunrise was around 5 am, we had to wait an hour in the dark, you didn’t see anything and that was kind of boring. When the sun came up, the world got more colours and it was very beautiful.

After that, we went down and walked 2 kilometers and many steps to get by the crater of the volcano, which was gorgeous. A good workout to get there, but it was really worth it. You could see smoke from the inside of the volcano, but you didn’t see lava.

When we came back by our car we got a breakfast in the house of the drive of the jeep. It was weird to see how the people here are living. They don’t have the things I have, not a kitchen or toilet like mine at home. That was hard to see.

Madakaripura Waterfalls

The Madakaripura Waterfalls are one hour away from the Bromo Mountains, this is very beautiful with gorgous nature and not much tourists. The best thing is, you can walk in between the waterfalls, you have to wear raincoats because of the water and if you wear long jeans they will be wet, but it is so beautiful. In the beginning it looks like a rain forest and later you see a lot of beautiful waterfalls, some small, others are big, all beautiful. We had a guide which didn’t speak English, which was not very nice, but he was very kind and he helped me and my mom walking over the rocks.

It was a long way from the parking place to the forest, so we went on the back of a motorcycle, which was cool, but also a bit scary because they drive very different than we do.

After the waterfalls, we sat in the car for a long time, we had a late lunch and we drive more, around 6 pm we very in the hotel. We putted our bagage in room and went to the restaurant, we very tired, but it was way to early to sleep, so we drank a drink and later we ate some Indonesian eggroles and we fried banana with chocolate over it, small food, but it was enough because of the late lunch. We drank something before the hotel room – we had a little garden before the room, it was more a small house than really a hotel – and when we finished the drinks we went to our beds.

Day 9

Today we went to a plantage, they had many different types of products and we also went with the boat to Bali.

The Plantage

We drove for a half hour before we get by the plantage, here they made palm sugar, coffee, cacoa, cinnamon, lemongrass and much more. It was very beautiful. They also made the special coffee with the wild cat, the guys there wanted that the cat was on me. The cat was very sweet, but it was a bit scary to have the cat on me. But now I want one of this cats for my own. He is so sweet and he want to cuddle a lot.

We started the day at the plantage with a cup of coffee with something sweet with it. The local kids -which were orphans – started to dance and later they wanted the other kids to dance with them, so we danced. After that they made origami of us and the girls and ladies got flowers in their hair. After that we went to the plantage to see the beautiful flowers and trees and we also could taste the food from the plantage. Fresh coconut, straight from the tree. Cacao beans with palm sugar, ginger with sugar and more. Everything was so good and our guide was very funny and he liked to explain everything.

Boat to Bali

After a long time driving we arrived by the boat, we had to be on the boat for almost an our and you could see 3 islands. It was nice on the boat and we could sit in the sun for a long time. We didn’t see any animals, it would have been nice if we saw dolphins forexample.

When we arrived to Bali we saw monkeys all over the places, but we also saw dogs and cats, which we hadn’t seen for like a week. The nature was different from the nagure in Java and that was nice to see. From the car we also saw the sunset, which was beautiful with the sea behind it. The beautiful colours and things. When it was dark we came by our hotel, which was like the most cutest ever. It were small houses with a bed like I was a princess and we had a little house with a matras on it where you can chill. So beautiful.


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