Indonesia day 7

Today we had a city tour through Malang, we visited a square, a local market, a Chinese temple and a colourful city.

The square with a mosque

In the blog from yesterday (click here to read) you could already see the fountain of this square. Today we visited it with light and it looked different. In the picture above you can see their local proud, the lion is the symbol of their footbal club and our guide said that this footbal club always wins.

The Chinese Temple

In this temple, there were 3 religions, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, special for the Chinese people. The places looked different because they all have their own gods and stories. But all looked beautiful, with gold, candles, statues and more beautiful things. The religions are different, but the temple is built in the same style, so if you don’t know anything about the religions and their holy things, you won’t see that there are 3 different religions.

Local market

Our guide took us to the local market. It is weird to see how they sell uncooled meat, which lays there the whole day. They smoke cigarettes above the food and there are flies everywhere, so it is not very hygienic. Next, to that, the smell was very bad, but it was nice to see how they have a market.

Colour houses Kampung Warna Warni

From the train, we saw this houses, but today we walked through it and it was even more colourful than we see through the train window. There were flowers on a bow in the air, umbrellas in the air, paintings on buildings, colours on the ground and stairs. Everything had a colour. This made me happy because it looks so happy. Doesn’t it look so pretty?

Afternoon and evening

We started with a lunch at a very good place, after that, we went to the swimming pool and packet our suitcases. This night we will leave at 12.30 to go to the Bromo mountains. In the evening we went to a very nice restaurant in between the rice fields. It was very beautiful and the food was very good. We sat on our knees but it was worth it. In the pictures above you can see the restaurant.


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