Indonesia day 5

The Prambanan Temple

Today we also had an early start. We went to the Prambanan, which is a Hinduism temple. The building was very impressive even as the story behind it and a few things about the gods of the Hinduism people.

Silver smiths

After the temple we went to a silver smith, here we could see how they make sterling silver jewels. It was nice to see, and they told me about a fruit which can clean your silver on an easy way, I need that fruit for my jewels, haha.

Satans place

We also went to the place where the Satan lives. I think this was not the most beautiful place to see and we didn’t have our own guide but some one else, his English was not that good and he wanted to tell us so many things. But the building looks fine I think.

Satans swimming pool

The Satan needs an own place to swim so at the lowest picture (the family picture) you can see the private swimming pool of the satan. In the back, there were two more swimming pools. It was not that clean as the other things we visited and the water was gross, but it looked pretty.

Lunch Рsat̩, and rice things at an Indonesian restaurant

For lunch, we wanted a typical Indonesian restaurant with good food, so our guide took us to his favorite sate bar. It was a nice place with only local people, it didn’t have much, but the food was really good. My mom and I drank a pink drink made of a young coconut, which was good and we had sate with rising made in banana leaves. It was weird but with peanut sauce it was great.

The afternoon

We had free time in the afternoon, so we walked through the city center again. Had a drink at a nice restaurant and then we walked back, time to swim, in the morning our guide gave us some Indonesian sweets, so we tried them at the swimming pool. Most were so nice. After the swimming we went to a Medeterian restaurant, this was really good. The restaurant is called Mediterranea Restaurant and they have good food. When you are in Yogyakarta and you’re done with the rice, you have to visit this place. They have wine, pizza, burgers, meat and much more.


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