Indonesia day 17

We left Gili Air to go back to Seminyak, Bali. We did this by boat. But first, we had coffee at the best coffee bar in Gili Air. On the boat, we had some problems, but we survived it.

My morning started with a walk around the island. A 5-kilometre walk which is beautiful but hard because of the sand which is on the road. I saw many other runners on my way, so it was very easy to get motivated to continue.

Coffee time – Coffee and Thyme

I read Coffee and Thyme had the best coffee of the island so I had to try it and luckily they had soy milk. Left you see a caramel latte and right a mocha latte with soy milk. I have to say that I loved this coffee and I would love to drink it again. They also made lovely figures of it as you can see.

The boat trip

Before we went on the boat we walked a bit to the island where we saw man and horses working. A bit later we could go to the boat. It went very quickly but in the middle of the see we got PROBLEMS, the window was broken so all the water came in and the crew couldn’t fix it, so they had it with life jackets, but we got still wet.

Lunch – Blicrackling

Around 2 pm we got on land and we could go to the hotel in Seminyak. And we got lunch around 4 pm, late but really good. I got a tequila sunrise cocktail and we got a plate with all the buns they had, so damn good. The restaurant looks so nice and it is open for 8 months now they told us.

We went back to the hotel to shower and clean our selfs, take some rest and went around 7 pm to the beach for a walk and later a dinner. I ordered a fish plate with many good things on it, prawn, lobster, calamari and more.

After dinner we walked through the streets with the shops and shopped a bit without buying, the shops are very nice here.


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