Indonesia day 15

I started with a morning run around 8, after that, we had breakfast, walked around the island, swam, eat, relax, watched the sunset, and eat again.

morning run

The best way to start the day is with something active. Yesterday I saw before sunset many people running, so I thought I will do this tomorrow morning. I had sportswear with me and I wore my Adidas superstars. Nobody on the island walked with running shoes. It was not that hot, but it was so hard because most of the time you had to walk through sand. The island run was 5 kilometers so it was good to do and a nice way to discover the island.

After the run, I took a shower and we had breakfast at the hotel. In Java, we had healthy breakfasts, but here and in Bali, we don’t have it anymore. So the French toast and the pancakes were on our plates,

Walk through Gili Air

This island is amazing, many beautiful places to take a picture, much restaurants, massage bars, places to do yoga and so much more. Of course, I need to take a few pictures here, it is perfect for Instagram and it looks so great. We also looked for nice shells and we took them with us. We walked through the sand, but that was painful because of the dead coral which is on the beach.

lunch at Gili Bliss

Around lunchtime, we went to Gili Bliss because they had good food people told us. I ordered an amazing smoothie bowl made with berries, my mom ordered a quinoa bowl and my brother and dad ordered a burger. And we all took a smoothie, I had something with pink dragon fruit and coconut water, it was good and looked purple pink, so awesome. The smoothie bowl was just perfect, it was sweet and the granola made it crispy, it looks good and it tasted awesome. I love that place.
After the lunch we chilled a bit, went through some shops and after that, it began to rain, yes there is rain here too. So we went to the hotel and chilled a bit there.

sunset at Mowie’s

Around 5 we left to Mowie’s for the sunset. This is a good restaurant to chill, drink cocktails (people said they have the best cocktails of the island, but I forget to try) and watch the sunset. The drinks were good and the view amazing. There were some clouds, but the pictures were still amazing. One thing that they need to change is a number of bites. During sunset, it is too early for dinner, but a snack would be nice and they don’t have much choice. We ordered a pizza to share with the four of us, but that is way too much when you are with two.

After the sunset we went to a restaurant to eat some food, I ordered some pasta with pesto and chicken, tasted good some pasta after a long period of only eating Indonesian food, haha. My parents and brother all ordered a burger. 


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