Indonesia day 14

The time flys, only 1 week left, but today we did nice things. We left Ubud and went with the fast boat to Gili Air. One of the bounty islands of Indonesia, blue water, white beaches. Drinking from a fresh coconut, good food, you can do it here.

In the hotel in Ubud, we had breakfast, a funny thing is that my dad saw a man he knows because of his job and we talked with them. Later this week we will be in the same hotel again, haha.

Fast boat to Gili Air

After breakfast, a driver brought us to the harbor. We had to wait here until the boat was ready to go, we were the 3rd stop so we had to sit the longest. We went very fast over the blue ocean, which was great to see. The wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, just perfect. Like two hours later we arrived at Gili Air.

Gili Air

This is a perfect bounty island, white beaches, blue water, palm trees and you can do many nice things, snorkeling, diving, take a cooking class, yoga, walking or biking around and much more. You only can come on Gili Air with a boat and you can walk around the island in 2 hours.

We had lunch at an Indonesian restaurant with good food. It was late because the boat arrived late so nobody was eating anymore, we kinda sat alone, but the food was good and the fruit juices also. The prices are also very low at this restaurant, which is great.

Cocktail time

When you are at a bounty island you have to drink cocktails and more than one, so we did, only my mom was drinking normal wine haha. I had a pina colada and my dad and brother had a tequila sunrise.

Dinner – Scallywags

Much pictures of this restaurant, but this restaurant is very good and nice. You can choose a lot of fish from the bbq, but you can also order a la card. Fish, meat, vegan, they have for everyone something nice. In the front of the restaurant you find gigantic fridges with meat and fishes in it and it looks so good. There are chefs making the food and you can watch it. The tables are on the beach and the restaurant itself is decorated with lights. From top to bottom you see a tuna steak, a fish, and many prawns. Everything tasted good and if you are ones at Gili Air you should visit this restaurant because they have good food!


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Wow, this looks like heaven to me. 🙂 I wish I could go there someday.