Indonesia day 13

Day 13 is done and this was a day with nice things, we started with a good breakfast and after that, we went rafting.


The driver came 45 minutes before time to our hotel and luckily we were already done, we had to pick up other people, but they weren’t finished yet. When they came in the car we drive for like 2 hours to the destination. We started with a lunch and after the lunch, we had to go back in the bar to the rafting place.

We had to wait for a boat and the other materials, but when we got it, our adventure could begin. In the beginning, it was a bit scary, but later it was so much fun. Also with the people in other boats, making each other wet and things like that. It was really fun with everyone.

We made a stop by a waterfall, but we also went with the boat through a waterfall, which was cold, but funny. At the end of the trip, everybody was soaked, but it was very nice. We could take a shower and there was some hot food to rewarm. Also here it was one friendly thing, everybody spoke with each other and it was very nice.

After everything, we went back to the hotel and a bit later we went to the city to get dinner. When we went home it started to rain, I don’t know what it is, but every day it is raining here and it is not even the rain season.


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