Indonesia day 10

Today we had a rest day, we spent the day at the apartment and walked to the city center and PEPSI BLUE.

We started the day with a very good breakfast, many kinds of fruits -didn’t know them all-, eggs, pancakes, bread, marmalade, veggies, cheese, cornflakes, oats and more. A man from French was sitting next to us and we made a chat with him, he was on his own traveling through Bali.

Relaxing time + Pepsi Blue

After the breakfast, we went to the swimming pool, to the sun, read a book and of course to swim. The swimming pool was quiet but beautiful just like the house we had. Next to the houses was the beach, which was not to swim, but beautiful to walk. I also tried Pepsi blue, I am not a Pepsi girl, but this is the only country where they still sell blue cola, so I had to try it. It looks weird, but it tastes good! Just like normal Pepsi but than blue.

We wanted to have lunch outside the hotel, so we walked to the city center. Only there weren’t restaurants, so we had a long walk before our lunch (like 1 hour). Yeap we do enough to stay fit, haha.

After we had our lunch, with healthy juices, they love healthy things here I guess, we had some more time to chill, I read a book on this gorgeous house about our house and it is the best place to chill and we also swam again.

Sunset time


Around 6 pm it was time for sunset so we watched it at the beach, it was very beautiful. The sky was filled with amazing colors, it was a bit tropical because of the palm trees. Here you see the first picture I made of the sunset and the last one.

After the sunset it was dinner time, this time it was with everyone who slept in the hotel, there are not many rooms so it wasn’t that many people. It was one table filled. We didn’t get Indonesian food, but more Italian food, homemade tagliatelle with orange sauce, tuna in sesame and carrots with ginger. As a dessert, we got orange cake. All tasted good, but it would have been nice if we got something special from Indonesia.

After dinner, we went to our house and chilled a bit before we went to sleep.


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