Indonesia day 11

Today we went to Ubud, we visited this city and on our way, we also visited a Hinduism temple.

In the morning we left our hotel after we had a breakfast. We drove through the mountains to a volcano and we bought some fruit from local farmers. It was great to see how the land changed the higher you come in the mountains.

Hinduism temple

On our way to Ubud, we saw this amazing temple where people still come to pray. We saw how they did their rituals and honor their gods, which was very interesting. Our guide, which spoke good Dutch, told us much about her religion and the things that are normal for them. I always like to learn new thing about religions and things like that. On the last picture you see me wearing a scarf as a skirt, this is because nobody can show their knees, shoulders are fine, but knees not. Even for men, it is not okay to show them, so everybody walked there with a scarf as a skirt.


When we came in Ubud we unpacked our things and after that, we went to the city center. We had to go through a monkey forest, the monkeys steal a lot, phones, water bottles, food, everything they can get, so I didn’t want to make a picture with the change of losing my phone. But the monkeys were cute, they stole the food in a bag from a man who crossed the pad of the monkey, it was weird but funny.

We walked through the city, much fashion shops, with real fashion, so different from the fashion stores in Java. In Java, the stores didn’t have nice clothes and things. There are also many nice restaurants to eat, we had dinner in a lovely place with many people and Indonesian food, it was much but very good. After dinner, we made a long, long walk to avoid the monkey forest, because we didn’t want to walk that in the dark.


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