Indonesia day 1, 2 and 3

Hi guys, so you know I am in Indonesia now and I decided to write a travel journey.

Day 1 and 2


This was mostly a travel day, we sat in the airplane at 10 pm. When we woke up we had to fight a bit longer to Dubai where we had to switch the plain. The stop was 6 hours, which is a long time. But they had some great shops.

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After the waiting, we had to go on the plane again to go to Jakarta. It was a long flight and I slept a lot because I was tired. We arrived around 12 pm to our hotel, did a drink and after it, we went to bed.

Day 3

We took the airplane to Jogja, but first, we had a good breakfast. So much choice, the funny thing is that the breakfast here is like Chinese food we eat in the evening. Rise, beef, fish, everything. At 10 am we left to the airplane.

When we landed our driver was waiting for us and brought us to the hotel. When we arrived we got a ginger sweet and a glass of their specialty. It tasted like limoncello but without alcohol. After the check in we went to our room and cleaned ourselves, after that we went to the neighborhood to discover it.

This is the gorgeous view from the highest level of our hotel. I am wearing the clothes I got from Mystique Boutique NYC.

Read here more about my look.

For dinner I had this local drink, it is palm sugar with coconut water and coconut meat. When I mixed it together it tasted like maple syrup sweets.

And I ate rice with veggies and seafood. It was really much so I didn’t eat all the rice, but it tasted really good.

After the food, we walked the other way and we bought some of the sweets in a supermarket. After that, we went to a lovely place to have a drink and to enjoy the live music.


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