Hoop to get fit challenge

Last Tuesday the hoop challenge organized by Robin Hoop has begun. Unforternetly I couldn’t write a post about this before and I also couldn’t join the challenge, but if you are reading this I can say I finally began. Two days to late, but ok. I dare you to join the challenge.

houla hoop

Hula Hoop

You know, that round thing we used to play with at primary school at the schoolyard, we had that round thing around our hips and you had to swing with your hips, remember? Well exactly that thing, is the thing of this month challenge. Robinhoop.nl let me choose a beautiful hoop, so I could hoop in style. Soon I will tell you everything about it in a review, because I cannot say anything about it yet, except that he looks so nice with the colours and the print.

Robin told me that heavy hoops are not great to hoop with, so when you are joining this challenge I would recommend using a normal hoop, just as fab as mine from robinhoop.nl. With the code LUXELIFELOVER22, you can get 10% off at an amazing hoop of robinhoop.nl. Awesome right?

hoep challenge

The challenge

Robin shares every day a video with an exercise in her facebook group and on her youtube channel. The challenge will be 14 days, so I start at day one and do it for the next 14 days and after that, I keep hula hooping for the rest of the month. Because after this challenge I want to hoop like that little kid on the schoolyard again, young, energetic, and happy. I hope this challenge will help me get closer to my goal and I hope to see progress. People told me I will see it with hooping so let me see.

Are you joining?


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