CLOSED! – Holiday Giveaway – phone case from

The holidays are coming and that is a reason for me to host a giveaway especially for you. Today I have a giveaway where you can win a phone case from I will send the winner on the 25th of December an e-mail. You can enter this giveaway if you are from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or France.

Review of my phone case from

I have gotten a phone case from to write a review, so I knew that I was giving away a great product. I chose a transparent case with golden details. I have a golden iPhone 7 so this case looked the best I think. You can still see the golden color of my iPhone, but you can also see a nice case.

As you probably know I love luxury things and this golden case is totally like that. I really like this case and especially the price. It is on sale now and only €11,99. For a nice case with good protection, this case is not expensive at all. Click here to see all the iPhone cases.

Because I am very clumsy, I know this case gives your phone good protection, because when it falls out of the Christmas Tree my phone is still alive. #oops

The giveaway

I know you are curious about this giveaway, so let’s start with how you can win. You can win a phone case of your choice that values €15,-.

Terms of conditions:
1. Be kind to each other, when you are not kind, you cannot win this giveaway.
2. You live in the Netherlands, Belgium, France or Germany.
3. When you win this giveaway you will share the item you won on your social media page and tag me.

How to join:
1. Say in a comment that you are joining this giveaway.
(I can see your e-mail address, so you don’t have to say this in the comment)
More chance:
2. Follow me on Instagram
3. Follow me on Facebook
4. Follow me on Pinterest
Even more chance:
5. Share me on your social media accounts

If you did any of the extra steps, please mention this in the comments.

Good luck with the giveaway.

I love you


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Dat is echt precies een prachtig hoesje! Zo een zou ik denk ik ook wel kiezen. Ik doe graag mee, ik volgde je nog niet zo lang op bloglovin, nu ook op deze 3. Hier heb ik ook deze post gedeeld!

Joanne van vliet

I’m in


Wow dat is leuk! Ik doe graag mee. Ik volg je ook op facebook

Esmee C.

Super leuk, ik doe graag mee! Een nieuw hoesje is altijd welkom! Ik volg je op Pinterest en Instagram!


Dat is een heel mooi hoesje! Leuk, ik doe mee

Anita H.

Ik heb voldaan aan al het genoemde en ik doe graag mee!

Anita te Gussinklo

Altijd leuk een nieuw hoesje.
Ik doe graag mee en volg je via Facebook,Instagram & Pinterest.
Ik heb de actie gedeeld op Facebook