Hey there, cupcake – all in flavour phone case

Your phone is a thing you use many times a day, that is why we need a nice phone case for it. All in Flavour gave me this phone case, and I like it very much. 

I am a cupcake lover, when I was younger I made cupcakes very often because I really liked to make it. When I got older I started baking and decorating cakes. Both so unhealthy, but so good. For the picture above I made healthy cupcakes, with pesto and oats. As you know I love oats, so I love these cupcakes too, but they are also very nice if you don’t like oats.

Thanks, Merle from www.girl-things.nl for this amazing pictures. Not pictures with cupcakes, but pictures with Bosche Bollen. I love them and they still look good at the picture, right? If you want a stylish case for your phone too, you really should check out All in Flavour because their cases are very nice. The quality is great and this case is an eye-catcher, it is just like what a phone case should be.

Click here to shop mine!

Do you like this phone case as much as I?

* This blog post contains a product I got, for more information, check the disclaimer. *


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Ohhhh geweldig deze case! En op de site heb ik nog meer leuke gezien! Gaat op mijn wishlis En wat een prachtige nagellak draag je!


That case is super cute! I love muffins as well