Good workout on the stairs in the gym

Hi fit girls, the summer arrives and the holidays are coming. This means we need to focus more on our body. The normal way to walk in the gym became a bit boring, so I had to find a new way. It looks a bit strange, but it is so good for your butt, legs, and belly. If you continue reading I’ll explain the thing I do on the stairs.


Every workout starts with a good pre-workout. The pre-workout I love the most is one banana with peanut butter. The combination of the sugar in the banana and the fat in the peanut butter makes it a good combination to get enough energy. But you can also buy a box of pre-workout powder. I have never tried one before, so I cannot tell you anything about this.

The workout

Here you can see me on the stairs. For this workout, it is important to do it on a low level. It takes a longer time to move your leg to the back, bring it to your breast and put it back on the stairs. When I do this the maximum speed is 40 steps in one minute. This is not fast, but it is hard to do it. When you did one leg, you do the other one. Just like walking on the stairs. You start with one leg and to get higher you need the other leg.

In like 15 minutes I am broken because this is so heavy to do. I walk on the stairs a lot when I don’t do anything like this I climb an interval with the maximum of 107 steps in one minute, for 45 minutes in total. Because this workout is much harder it doesn’t that a long time before you are tired.

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Watch out

With this workout, you lose a lot of fluid in your body. Make sure you drink enough water, so you don’t get dehydrated.

Post workout

Because we don’t want pain in your muscles and we want to recover fast from a workout, we need to eat a post workout. The ones which are the best for your muscles contain protein. Think about a protein shake, a protein bar, but also eggs, chicken, and other products with much protein. I like a protein bar the most to eat after a workout. The best thing this gives you a filled feeling and you’ll eat less.

Post workout brownie recipe.

Note: the pink lines on my back are to relax my shoulder. The last time I have pain in the upper part of my back and on my shoulders. They need to relax more and the muscles need to get stronger. I am training hard to make them strong again. Soon I’ll share the exercises I do with you.

My legging and top are from the H&M again, haha.

Xoxo Emma


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