7 x good intentions 2018

Every year we make new good intentions for the new year, and every year we succeed in not achieving them. The first few months it is very busy in the gym and after that, I enjoy the empty gym. But I am also a girl who lives with new year intentions and I want to share them with you so you know how I will start in 2018.

1. Getting my dream body

As you probably have read in my blogs about my body goals, I am working my ass off to get my dream body. The way to my dream body is way harder than I thought and the holidays and my ski trip don’t make it easier. So I need to focus again on achieving my goal and get my dream body ready for summer.

2. Working with training and feed schemes

For me, it is very hard to eat like a scheme tells me, but I really want it to work because it is the shortest way to success. Don’t be scared because I will keep enough space for nice times with friends and I won’t panic when I cannot keep me at the scheme. I also want to work with a training scheme because now I do at the gym want I like to do and it is way more effective to train a single pair of muscles instead of every muscle for a little bit.

3. Doing more on school

My gosh, learning, really, I couldn’t get myself learning at the beginning of the school year, so I destroyed my exam week and that caused stress. Not great at all… So my goal for next year is focussing more on school things so I can have an internship next school year in Curçao.

4. Keep me at the blogging days

Sorry guys, I know I didn’t do that the best the last couple of months, but my scheme was so bad the last few months with school, work and everything so I couldn’t find time to post… I want to fix this in 2018.

5. More nice things for my readers/followers

I love hosting giveaways so I really want to do more giveaways in 2018.  On social media and on my log, so keep an eye on both. I have two great giveaway for you at the beginning of the new year, so stay tuned. The first one will be a me-time giveaway and will be 3 Januar online.

6. Doing nice things with my sweet boyfriend

I love to spend time with my boyfriend and do nice things with him, this summer we went to Paris for one day and we had a great time there. But I also enjoyed our other (smaller) trips and this year I want to do a lot more things with him.

7. Grow on social media and my blog

I really want to grow on social media, especially Instagram and on my blog. I want to get 10.000 followers (or more) on Instagram and get a lot more traffic to my blog. How more traffic how more nice things I can do for you and that was point five of this list.

What are your good intentions?


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Panty Buns
Your intentions 1, 2, and 7 (working on getting a dream body, working with training and feed schemes, and growing on social media and on the blog all sound like goals I’d consider aspiring to myself! I love looking at and reading blog posts featuring outfits. Doing more fashion-related posts in year 2018, (and possibly some new YouTube videos) is a goal I would like to achieve myself. I’m hoping to surpass the combined 500,000 view mark for my blog and YouTube this year, although that doesn’t seem like that high of a goal – I have seen some YouTube… Read more »