4 good food to control your weight

Hi girls, the summer is coming and that means we need to control our food right now. From now on we have to eat clean, but what can we eat? And what if I want something sweet? I am going to tell you everything in this blog.

Fruit, fruit and more fruit


Grapes are so sweet, I can eat these things the whole day. There are fewer calories in this delicious fruit and a lot of water. The water thing is a good thing for people like me. I don’t like water and I drink way too less of it and when you take many grapes you have to drink less. That’s a win-win situation. But they are good for other reasons. It protects you from cancer, from radiation and helps you prevent Alzheimer’s disease and kidney diseases. It reduces the symptoms of an allergic reaction. It is good for diabetic persons. It is good for your heart and at least it is good for the health of your skin.


Only looking to this fruit makes me wanna eat it, haha, but this food is also really good to eat. Did you know that the black seeds are 35% protein? Don’t throw them away. It is good if you want to lose weight because it gives you a filled feeling and it helps you to lose moisture. It is really good to control the blood pressure. Enough reasons to eat this fruit the whole day, well for me it is enough reasons.

Next time I’ll tell about more foodies which are great to eat when you want to lose weight.

Citron is also a good fruit, read here about the 5 benefits of drinking citron water daily.



Cucumber is a nice veggie because there are barely calories in it, but so much water. It helps you to hydrate your skin for the inside which is really good. To clean your skin it is also good to put it on your face, but that’s not helpful to lose weight or control it. It also loses the heat of your body, this is very good when you are a hot person, better called a hottie. It is really good for your eyes. It helps you prevent a hangover, which is great if you had a hard weekend.


I used sweet mini tomatoes on the picture. This is just a very nice snack to eat, delicious and good for you. There are fewer calories in a tomato, but enough good things that your body wants. They have a lot of water in it, which helps you depose the waste of your body.

A good snack with tomatoes is a cracker with huttenkase and a bit salt and pepper. This is a snack with fewer calories and with good ingredients. Don’t eat too much of it, but you can eat 2 crackers in your break without getting regret.

I hope I inspired you with this food. Let me know what you think of this food.

Xoxo Emma


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