Fitness Motivation Friyay

Yaayyy, it is Friyay, and today I will share some motivation to begin the weekend great. But not to make the weekend our WEAKend, because we work for progress and not to eat more in the weekends!

Workout motivation

Fitness is like marrige train hard enough holy shit body hard work eat sleep workout repeat your road

So who is running to the gym today? Well obviously not me, I hate examweeks and especially when they are two weeks, I don’t have any time left for my workouts. Lucky me, working out is only 20 or 30 percent of your lifestyle. So if I watch my food, it won’t be a big problem, I hope. Next Thursday the first thing I will do is running to the gym and the second thing is a date night with Eric. So I need to work my ass off to look damn good for him.

I hope this pictures gave you enough motivation to rock the gym this weekend, so let’s get to the next couple of pictures.

Diet motivation

Diet plan What fat looks like Start to diet to become great Nothing to lose Remember

The first picture is a joke of course. I know that people look thinner between fat people, but that doesn’t have to make you feel more comfortable in your own body. Many people don’t have the body I have, but being surrounded by them doesn’t make my body more beauiful in my own eyes. I am working out for myself, what I like my body to be and not what other people will think about my body. The only one with a voice in this is Eric, because he have to watch it, haha.

I hope this weekend we enjoy everything, but doesn’t let it be our weakend. You will all go to the gym on Monday, because remember our number #1 rule, never skip a gym on Monday. I’m sorry to break that rule girs, but I think I need to pay some attention to school and sometimes you need to make choices with your time and that choices are not always that great…

Enjoy your weekend loves!

Need some more motivation, read my first post with motivation pictures.


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