Fit goals day 1 -28

28 Days have passed since I told you my new fit goals. I share all the updates with you. No pictures this time because in my opinion there is no progress to show.

Crash diet

I started right after my holiday with a crash diet, this because I wanted to lose weight very fast. I started to eat only 3 meals a day and nothing else. In the first week, I lost 2 kilos, but right after that week I also gained the 2 kilos. My food was still the same so the conclusion for me, this doesn’t work well for me.

Fight diet

Protein shake

Protein shake

Okay, this is a weird diet name, it won’t say anything to you, so I’ll explain it. I had a fight with my mom because she told me I was fat. I became very angry at that because I am not fat at all, I only don’t have my dream body. This is why I started a new diet, which means so sweet, no fast carbs, less fat and things like that. I had to eat much more protein instead.

I made a whole plan, baked my own bread (recipe below), and made a food plan. I have a few breakfast which I can eat. Overnight oats with oats, coconut milk, coconut, and raisins. Hot oats with coconut milk and some fruit. 4 Egg whites with chicken and greens and a protein shake. As lunch, I have my bread with chicken or a boiled egg. And as dinner, I have chicken with greens.

Only dinner is a point, my parents don’t like. They want me to eat what they eat so we have a fight like all the time about food. First I am fat and when I want to eat clean I can’t because they don’t let me eat clean.

Disgusting food I tried

Chia pudding

I had to find the right foods for my meal plan so I decided to eat chia pudding. You see this a lot on the internet so I thought this had to be a good food which is nice. But no, it isn’t. It tastes bad, the texture is even worse and the smell is also disgusting. Chia pudding is a no go for me. The only great thing is when I eat it, I don’t want to eat, so I skipped my breakfast after 2 tablespoons.

Oat bread

This is a bread with slow carbs which are good for you, it gives you energy for a long time and it tastes a bit like cake. Next, to that, it is very healthy.

250 grams oatmeal
30 grams line seed
30 grams pumpkin seeds
40 grams pecan nuts
3 tbs cinnamon
3 Eggs
180 milliliters coconut milk (Alpro)
1 Smashed banana

Mix everything together put it 45 minutes in a preheated oven at 170 degrees Celcius. Let it cool down, cut it into pieces and enjoy.

My diet has only passed 2 full days so I won’t see the difference at this time. But I will see it soon and next month I’ll share progress pictures.


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nicole orriens

Die chia pudding klinkt wel heel vies. Ik heb het nog nooit gegeten, maar nu wil ik dat ook niet meer : )


Good luck!


I think its the best to just eat Healthy and sometimes something sweet. Crash Diets and Other Diets dont work


Good luck on your goals. I know everyone likes to loss weight quick, but slower will be better for your body and would give a jojo-effect

MC Kleuver

Een hele goeie inzet heb je Emma. Goed dat je nieuwe dingen probeert en zelf je eigen plan hebt geschreven. Dat is je kracht.


I’m so curious for ready your next article about this! Good luck! And I need to start for sure again with healthy eating!


Really good that you’re trying to eat healthier! It sounds like you will do amazing, good luck!

nicole orriens

Good for you! I wish you lots of success. Sounds like you’re really taking action!


Goed dat je op zo’n gezonde manier probeert af te vallen, denk dat dat wel de beste manier is.


I need to start up on eating healthy again and working out. I need to lose the baby weight I still have on me and my baby is almost 11 months. I have been slacking a lot with my second kid. This is a reminder to get back at it.


I’m very curious about the article next month. Good luck!