Fit during your summer holidays

When you are on a holiday this doesn’t mean you cannot do anything fit. You still can do a workout, watch your food and drink plenty of water. But you also have to enjoy your holiday.Workout on your holiday

ideas for working out during your holiday

beach holiday

When you are having your holiday at the beach, you can make a beach run. This is very nice, but also hard. Running on the beach is harder than running on the road, so you burn a lot more calories, how great, this means you can treat yourself after it. When you have a gym legging and top it is enough, this doesn’t take much space in your suitcase, shoes aren’t necessary when you walk on the beach. Be careful with shells and things on the sand because I don’t want you to hurt your feet.

swimming pool holiday


When you don’t have a beach nearby, you maybe have a swimming pool, swimming is hard but also very good for burning calories and maybe it is even easier to swim a lot on your holiday than to run on the beach. Make sure you have your waterproof mascara with you and of course your swimsuit or bikini. When you don’t want the water in your eyes, you need to sear diving glasses. And be careful with drinking too much water from the swimming pool because this is not that good for you.

city trip

When you are visiting a city try to walk as much as possible, climb the stairs yourself instead of taking an elevator. Make sure you wear shoes which are great to walk the whole day on.

Watch your food during your holidays

When I travel on a holiday I am so bored, because of this I start eating. I always have nuts with me, this is not very bad, but when you eat the whole package you have eaten 600 kcal, which is a lot. Stop the cravings you have because you are bored. Don’t bring much food with you in the plane or car. When you have meals in the plain, ask the stewards at which time you will have your meals, so you know when you can expect it. So you don’t eat a lot just before you get your meal. When you want to eat much, a good way to avoid it is sleeping.

On your holiday itself, it is important to eat different things every day. Don’t eat always pizza, chips, etc. I am in Indonesia and here they eat 3 times a day rice, this is not good, so I skip the rice in the morning and eat greens, chicken, eggs and fruit. In the evening I chose every time a different meal by the rise. And during lunch, I also try to avoid rice. Also be careful with your snacks, of course, we all love ice creams, but why do you need much more bad foods on the same day? Try to eat one bad snack and eat fruits the other times or try dark chocolate with a minimum of 72% cacao.

water, water, water

It is very important to drink enough on a day. Not only to get fit but also for the hydration. When you drink water before you eat, you will eat less, which is great. When you don’t like water, citron water and tea are good alternatives. But you can also drink fruit juices mixed with water.

When you drink at least 2 liters of water a day (not only at your holiday) your tummy will look slimmer. I guess we all have to start drinking that much water, huh? Yes, this also counts for me, because I never drink enough. I always mix my water with something I like, during this holidays I mix it with green ice tea. This taste good and when you mix it, it doesn’t have that many calories. For example, the bottle I drink has 140 kcal for 500 ml and I can make 4 drinks with that. So it is not that bad.

What do you do during your holidays to keep your fit body or to get that body? Let me know in a comment and let’s help each other with tips!

Xoxo Emma


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