Fashion show Road Couture of Irvinx

Hi girls, I visited the fashion show Road Couture on Friday 26 May, which was in the Dutch Design Hotel in Amsterdam. The fashion show  Road Couture is a show hosted by fashion designer Irving Voster from the label Irvinx. Before I went to the show I didn’ t know this label, but as you know I love to explore new brands and labels.

Irving Voster, the designer

 Irving Voster started this label Irvinx in 2004 and in 2008 he made his international debut in London. In 2009 he hosted a catwalk show on a boat and in 2010 he opened his own couture boutique in the fashion quarter of Arnhem. Vorster designs timeless clothes for women with an own style. For his fashion lines, he uses luxurious and natural fabrics and he plays asymmetric. (On the right picture on the left you can see Irving Vorster.)

Fashion show Road Couture

I went to this show with a girlfriend, we arrived at half past 6 and we ate something in the hotel. I ordered a veggie pizza and my friend ordered a burger, with wine, of course. The start was around half past 7, when we arrived in the lobby they have us some good bites. They gave us some veggie mousse with caviar, goats cheese with a sundried tomato and wild tuna with seaweed. The food was luxe, but I am a Luxe Life Lover with a reason. I loved it.

The show itself started around 8 o’clock. From the beginning, I saw that Irving Voster has his own style. The models wore particular makeup and there were models in all sizes, which is a good thing. It was awesome to see that not every model had the height of at least 1 meter 70 with size 2. Irving Vorster told that he used some muses to create his line. In my opinion, he used the right muses, curious to the creatures? Continue reading and watch with me to the nicest outfits!

White outfits

Above you can see three white outfits. My favorite is the dress left picture. In my opinion, has this dress the perfect fit and length. I like the use of more layers and the asymmetry. I like the way the sleeves are different from each other, it gives a playful but nice effect and it is still a chic dress. In the picture in the middle, you can see trousers with a long top on it. This looks like a good outfit for an office day if you dare. In the right picture, you can see a white dress which is less tailored than the left one. I like tailored dresses more, but not everybody has the figure to wear that and then this is a good dress. It looks good and it hides the things you don’t want to show. What is your favorite of the ones above?

Little Black Dress (LBD)

The dresses above are all unique and gorgeous. I like the color combination of black and white in the picture left above. The one in the middle is awesome because of the many fabrics and shapes that are used in this dress. For example, there is a v-neck in this dress which is low, but because there lace in it, it stays subtle and I love that. The dress right above is gorgeous because it let me think about a dark version of Snow White. It has something fairylike in it, which is amazing. And it is really different from all the other dresses.

Prom dress

This dress lets me think about a prom dress when I have a prom one day, I want to wear a dress like this. It is different than all the others dresses, but womanly and elegant. In my opinion, a prom is seen and being seen and in this dress, you make a great job of that. You will make a statement in this dress and people will recognize you. I like that.

 Other outfits

And here you can see the last pictures of the looks.

I want to thank Celine from The Beauty Boulevard for letting me go on her tickets to the show and I want to thank Irvinx for having me.

What do you think about this looks I saw during the fashions show Road Couture? Let me know!

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Xoxo Emma


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