Eyeshadow trends for the fall

With a new season, we get new makeup trends. I found a magazine in my house with some of the newest makeup trends for the fall. I had to try them myself and show you what I made of it.

Glitter eyeshadow

Glitters are things which are really fashionable to wear this fall. Also on your eyes, you can put glitters on your eyes in a subtle way or not. I have chosen to make it not very subtle by using a liquid eyeshadow, but it doesn’t seem like BAM. This is because I used some powder eyeshadow around my eyebrows.

I used a brown glittery liquid eyeshadow from Dior Addicted on my whole eye and underneath my brows, I used the mini pallet from Smashbox with brown colors.

Lipgloss eyeshadow

This one was kinda weird to make and also hard because I didn’t want my lashes to be pink too, but it did and also a new layer of mascara couldn’t fix it. Maybe a new trend? Putting lipgloss on your lashes, haha. This color was hard to put on my eyes in a nice way. But with enough blurring with a cotton, it looked nicer.

I put a gloss from Colour Pop on my eyes as eyeshadow.

I won’t wear this to go to school or work, but it looks kinda nice for a picture I think, maybe also for a party.

Pink eyeshadow

When I read about this trend, my first thought was, damn, that’s ugly. But by putting a pink eyeshadow on my eyes, which I got free after my shopping at Colour Pop, I think I like it. It is way more subtle than I thought it would be and I don’t like eyeshadows for me which you can see from a far distance.

When I made swatches with it, it looked much more pink/purple than it does on my eyes, which is great.

Read here everything about my last beauty shopping, Colour Pop and Sephora.

My favourite

I think the pink trend is my favourite, this because it is subtle and I love that. Normally I always wear natural colours, but this one is also very nice. But I also love the glitter trend very much, but more when you go out or something. It is a bit too much to wear to school or work or whatever you do in your normal life. When you want to be different than other people, try the lipgloss one, but this is not something for me, I think.

What is your favourite trend? Let me know in the comments below.


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