Ziaja day creme with SPF to protect your face in the sun

The hot days are coming soon are has already arrived so we need to protect our skin to the skin. Of course, red is a beautiful color, but not on our face or anywhere else on our body. But a red skin is next to the color also painful and who likes pain? So, we better protect ourselves from the sun. I tried a day creme with SPF of Ziaja to protect my skin to the sun.

Protection from the sun is a thing you have to do. The red skin hurts, but it can also cause cancer and it makes your skin look older. Women like to tan a lot more than men do. And this is the reason why women look sooner older than man. Is this what we want? I don’t think so and that is why we need to protect our skin. Not only when the weather is really hot and the sun is shining, but it is the best to do it every day. When you want the best protection, make sure you apply the crème on a clean skin and wait half an hour to go into the sun.
Read more about cleansing your skin here.

Ziaja day creme

Ziaja day cream with SPF

The crème comes in a basic white tube with some letters on it. The package is not the nicest package I’ve seen for a day creme, but the inside counts the most. It is a white creme and feels a bit thick, but it is very easy to apply it all over your face. What I like about a day crème with sunblock is that you only have to apply 1 creme instead of 2. This is time-saving and money-saving, how great?

Me and the day cream with SPF

When you apply too much of the creme your head will look like a disco ball. So make sure you don’t do that. The creme doesn’t look or feel oily when you put a bit on your hand to apply it. But when you bring too much on your face it will look oily. And an oily face doesn’t look nice at all

For me this is a good day creme, it makes my skin feel softer and the dry areas aren’t that dry anymore. A good creme is a total must for me and my skin. This because I don’t want to have a face where you can see all the dry areas easily. This cream is, in my opinion, a good one. You can shop this cream by clicking on the picture below, the price is €5.49. Which is not expensive for a good one in my opinion.

Xoxo Emma


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