Ziaja Aloe Vera cleansing milk and toner

Ziaja is a beauty brand for body, face, and hair. I tried the Ziaja Aloe collection, with the products cleansing milk and toner.

About Ziaja

Ziaja is a Polish cosmetic brand, which is on the market for 27 years now and you can buy the brand nowadays in 26 countries. Ziaja is made in a period when the economy was bad in Poland, many companies had to close the doors. So the founder decided to make his own products. He made face creams and sold this to friendly pharmacies. The creams became popular and so they are nowadays.

Ziaja stays for payable quality and luxe. They only use natural ingredients in their products, which is better for the environment and more importantly, your skin. The products are cruelty-free and only tested in the lab.Ziaja Aloe

Ziaja Aloe

Ziaja Aloe is a collection specially made for the dry skin. I have a very dry skin during the winter and it hurts all the time. I have to creme my face many times a day, so it stops hurting. But does this cream work? Or stay my skin dry like it was before? Continue reading and you’ll find out if I like these products.

Ziaja Aloe cleansing milk

The cleansing milk is white, soft and has a perfect structure, not too thick and not too thin. You can put the cream easily in your hand it is won’t go off the place if you don’t put your hand upside down etc. It smells not like Aloe, but more like soap. But it smells like good soap. You have to put this on your skin with your hands and give yourself a message. After that remove it with a cotton.

Ziaja Aloe toner

The toner smells more like something natural, I don’t know the smell of Aloe, so I cannot say if it smells like that. The toner is transparent and has the structure of water. Just like a regular toner. You can put this on your skin with a cotton, press a bit on your skin to get the dirty stuff off your skin.

How to use these products?

Ziaja Aloe is made for AM and PM as a daily cleaner. In the AM I put the cleansing milk on my face and remove it with the toner and I finish with my day cream. In the PM I start with removing all my makeup, take a shower and wash my face with plenty of hot water. After that, I put the cleansing milk and toner on my face the same way as I do it in the morning and I finish with my day cream.

My skin feels a bit weird after cleaning and looks a bit red on my cheeks and forehead, but it goes away very fast. My skin is not that dry anymore and it doesn’t hurt if I only apply my day and night cream two times a day. I don’t have visible sheets on my forehead when I apply foundation on my skin, which looks better. I like these cleansing products, they are cheap and good, I love good stuff and I like it when it is cheap.

Xoxo Emma


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