Wtc stairrun – 30 levels running for fun?

On Wednesday 25 April it was time for the WTC stair run in Almere. This is an event where men en women walk from -4 to 26 as fast as they can. Together with Eric, I did this and I’ll tell you all about it.

Why did you do this?

That is a question I asked myself the whole day, it isn’t that much fun… It started in Basic Fit last summer, I walked the stair machine daily and sometimes for like 45 minutes. After a while I got Eric to join me and the idea for a stair run game was born, we looked on the internet and we found this one and we decided that we wanted to join this one

The preparing

Your thought would be “that girl has a great preparing” but no, the last months I never walked the stair machine anymore and I did a lot more strength. A new weeks before the run I started training again, but that was like one time a week, way too less. Lucky me, most of the people I spoke with didn’t even prepare it.

The matchday


I had to work from 7 till 10 and after that, we decided to go to Almere. We had lunch at a nice American restaurant with a great bar and good food. For pictures, I wanted a pink blossom tree and a pink candy cotton. This seemed easy, but it definitely wasn’t. After that, but we drank something in the center and then it was time to go.

Before the runwtc trappenloop 2018

To have a great start we started with the cr7 from Herbalife, a sports drink made by Ronaldo. I got this one from my coach Barbara and it tasted like acai, so yummy. After that drink, I drank some energizing juice.

Eric had to run it first. It was not possible to see much, I saw the start when he was on the ground floor and after that, it would have been possible to see him on tv, but I missed him… he ran with a time 5:32.

My run

Before I had to run I was afraid that Eric won’t be on time for my start. He was broken of his run and I only had a few minutes left before my run started. Luckily he was on time and he could make some pictures. Every 30 seconds somebody started, so it was a bit of a lonely walk.

It started with running a bit, I started fast and you had to walk into a parking garage so the corners were a bit hard for me. So I had to slow down a bit.

Not much later I came on floor -4 and from there I could started climbing up. When I was on the ground floor, my thought was “a glass of water would be nice now” and with that thought, I had to climb another 26 levers. Somewhere I saw 3 woman and I caught them up. That felt great, but not much later I couldn’t run anymore. Everything was hurting and I decided to walk instead of run. After I while I saw a board with “you’re halfway already” and my thoughts where “oh no, is it still that long?” But I have to say the the boards and texts were motivative, although I was still broken. When I was at the 26th floor I decided that I wanted to run over the finish and so I did, after that I was really trappenloop 2018

When I hit the finish I got a medal on my neck and I walked straight to a chair. Eric came up and gave me a drink, everything was hurting, my lungs, my trout, it felt like it was burning. I was broken and I had never thought it would be this hard. My time ended up 6:16 minutes, which I think is very speedy. After I started walking I thought my time would be somewhere in the 8 minutes.

Next year I’ll walk this with a better time and more training before so it will go easier (I hope).


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