Vegan Almond yogurt to put on your skin

More and greater beauty things pop out the ground. A while ago I found a package with two vegan almonds yogurts to put on your skin from The Body Shop in my mailbox. A body yogurt is a better name for it. It sounds so cool that I directly started trying it.

Different kinds of the body yogurts

The Body Shop Vegan Yogurts

The Body Shop has made 6 different yogurts, but I only got the mango a moringa one to try. In the morning I love to eat a bowl of vegan yogurt, so I know how a vegan yogurt feels like and I have to say that the structure is pretty much the same. But watch out, the mango one smells like you want to eat all of it, but I don’t know if it is a good idea, it is made out of natural ingredients and it is 100% vegan, but still…

You can find it in the stores from now on in the smells: strawberry, mango, almond milk, moringa, British rose and banana (limited edition). And you can buy one with 200 ml for only €10,-.

The Body Shop – body yogurts

The Body Shop Vegan Yogurts

Both smells are great, moringa is flowery, while mango is sweet and fruity. For me, it is the sweeter the better, so the mango yogurt is my favorite. Another great thing about the mango yogurt is, the orange package and the yogurt itself is also light orange, while moringa is totally white. But a great thing is that they made the packages in the color of the main smell.

The yogurts are easy to apply over your whole skin and they made the promise of fast drying come true. The yogurts are great to fastly hydrate your skin after a shower and after that, you can put your clothes on and nothing will stick to it.

Click here to see al the yogurts.

Hydration is very important with this weather

The Body Shop Vegan Yogurts

This warm weather requires a lot of our skin and allows the skin to dry out quickly. It is therefore important to drink enough water to let the skin shine from the inside, but it is also important to tackle the skin from the outside. For example, you can apply a nice layer of body yogurt every day, so your skin stays supple and you keep your tan just a little longer and you also prevent the peeling a bit.

Note, if you are burned, treat it with aftersun first and then with the yogurt. Although yogurt is soothing, I would still recommend it with the right remedy.

* This item was written with products that I received, but this does not change the opinion about these products.


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