Trip to Paris

Small holidays, big holidays, I can not get enough of it. With the Ascension weekend, we were in Paris. A city that I can not get enough of. This time we cycled and did a lot of new things and looked at the city in a different way. 

Paris day 1

We got up early and we started with a breakfast at the campsite, yes people this Luxe Life Lover was standing on a camping haha. After this, we decided to leave our bikes.

The Eiffel Tower and shopping

Eiffeltoren Draaimolen bij de Eiffeltoren Draaimolen bij de EiffeltorenThe first destination for me and Eric was the Eiffel Tower, soon we found a super nice place to take pictures, a carousel with the Eiffel Tower at the back, isn’t that awesome? We parked our bikes and decided first to walk towards the Champs Elysees. As soon as the Kenzo Flagship store came across, we could not resist to go inside. We both bought a typical Kenzo shirt and the nice thing about the Flagship store is that they have a collection in the store that was not available anywhere else, so it was soon clear what we were taking.

We continued our way to Ladurée, a patisserie which you have to visit when you are in  Paris and of course we did not. We bought 6 macarons this time, because that box was not in my collection yet. Yes, I save the boxes haha. We took 6 flavors and decided to give our opinion again. Nowadays they have lactose free chocolate and I can now say that he is super tasty. They also have a heart macaron, just too cute.

Notre Dame and Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

We decided to eat our lunch and macarons for dessert on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. I can enjoy it here, eat a baguette on the ground haha. After this, we decided to go on a bike to explore the city further. We decided to go to Notre Dame first, here we stayed on the square outside and when it was time we decided to go up the road to Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. What a terribly tiring way was that everything went up and I really had no energy left in me when we were upstairs.

met mama bij Basilique du Sacré-Cœur matching outfit with eric

The rest was already waiting for us above and we joined them. With this beautiful view, at my uncle took photos of me and Eric in our matching outfits. We had a drink here and then we decided that we could take the trip back down again, this was hard down looking for a food place. Unfortunately, we were all quite hungry and that is why we ended up in a restaurant that was certainly not recommended. We eat pizza and he was so empty that we went to the camping while we still were hungry. So we decided to have something to eat again and after that, it was really bedtime.

Paris day 2Eiffeltoren

Again we got up early, we ate something and left on our bikes. And again Eric and I started at the Eiffel Tower. And we also went  Ladurée and bought a sandwich, which we ate in a park. The goal was to climb the Eiffel Tower this time with the stairs, as we had done before. However, everything was now around the Eiffel Tower and you can not buy tickets in advance, so you had to stand in a row of a few hours. We did not feel like that.

Musee du Louvre

If you are in Paris, you can not miss a visit to the Louvre and just go inside is not that bad either. As a student you can go inside for free, so we made use of this possibility. Yes, I know, some of you had never seen this coming, but I now really have my selfie with the Mona Lisa. And I have also seen Jesus naked in thousands of ways, something that I had not wanted to miss haha.

Crepes from Princess Crepes

Princess Crepe

If you are in France anyway, you will have to try a crepe, Eric and I decided to share one. Half the city we have biked off to come to a nice and delicious creperie according to the internet. Nothing was less true, although at princess I did not think of Korean dolls it was super fun with all that pink. The crepe even got bears ears. Cheap is different, but you get a super thick filled crepe with all goodies in it.

Princess Crepe

After this we decided to go to the campsite for a nice bbq, the mini holiday was over, but we had wonderful days. Exploring Paris by bike is highly recommended.


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