The Classic Short

Classic short van

Classic short van

The summer has officially started and that’s why I want to talk about summer pants that really cannot be missing in your summer patio robe. The Classic Short, you see him everywhere come over, probably you have already spotted him on my Instagram because I also love this pants.

Outfit: Short; | top; | bandana; | watch: Rosefield | towel; Grace Garrett | bag; Louis Vuitton | sunglasses; Louis Vuitton


Nieke of has sent me a very nice outfit. In her webshop, you can buy fashionable items for lovely prices, but also living stuff to pimp your house.


This summer the classic shorts are completely hot, I received one in the soft pink. The pants are nice and loose, but he stays fine. You can do so much with this short pants that is just very nice. You can wear them with a shirt, with a shirt, with a blouse, really the way you want. On Instagram, I have some inspiration pictures of how you can wear this as nice as possible.


On the pants I wear a shirt with Sunshine on it, this is available in a size and that’s why I was a little afraid that he would fall very big, luckily that is not. The shirt is available in red and blue letters, but given the short pink, I found blue the best combination. sunshine but I would say, although he does quite well this summer.


To complete the look, I chose a gray/pink bandana. Nice and handy because it keeps the hair from the front of your face. The color of the bandana and the pants do not match, but that is not disturbing at all. Sometimes it is also nice to wear something that just can not. You can choose to wear the bandana under or above your hair, with me your hair looks best, but that is different for everyone of course.

Furthermore, I wear my Rosefield watch with this outfit, the west village in mint gray. I also wear my sunglasses in my hand and I have my bag with me. And finally you can see my super cool beach towel with flamingos, this one is from Grace Garrett.

* For this article, I have received products from, but this does not change my opinion about the clothing.


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