The bad quality of Michael Kors

Mostly on a blog, you can read all about the love the bloggers got for their newly bought item. But I want to tell you how much I don’t like the quality of Michael Kors. A designer brand we all know as one which is more affordable as the other ones. That is also the reason why I have much stuff of it, shoes, bags, a phone case, jewels and go on, but most items are really bad in quality.

My white-gold Michael Kors shoes

White-gold Michael Kors shoeWhite-gold Michael Kors shoe White-gold Michael Kors shoe White-gold Michael Kors shoe White-gold Michael Kors shoe

When I saw this shoes I need to buy it, because I loved them. They are so easy to style and looked great with many looks. After like three months they started looking ugly. And now like a year later and not wearing them often anymore, they look like this, so worse… The inside is broken, the white leather is broken and the sole is broken, as you can see. Next, to that, since the inside is broken, they walk badly.

Micheal Kors Phone Case

Michael Kors phone caseMichael Kors phone case Michael Kors phone case

This is my second case and I was bothered to go back to the store again to tell them the case is broken again. The first was broken after like 2 weeks. And this one was better, but it looks like shit too.The silver part is very ugly with damage and green/yellow stuff around it and the case is broken at the corners. I didn’t even drop my phone when it broke, so I don’t know what happened, but this cannot be good protection.

My black shiny Michael Kors shoe

Michael Kors black shoeMichael Kors black shoe

Last winter I bought these sneakers because I liked them a lot. They are so broken now that even the brand name doesn’t want to be on it. Are they ashamed of their own quality? Who tells me? The white part of the sole is gone at some places, bad because that made this shoe awesome.

Rose gold Michael Kors ring

Michael Kors ring My grandma gave me this ring for my birthday 2 years ago and after a few months the stones turned black and the back of the ring became silver. After a year stones fall out the ring and it looked even worse. More and more stones are ugly now and the ring turns more and more silver. I bought a rose gold ring for a reason, if I wanted the silver version, I would have bought that.

My bag

I don’t have this bag anymore, but when I was 15 I bought a bag, I was so happy with my first expensive bag, but after like half a year it became very ugly and it wasn’t even the model anymore which I bought. I went to the shop with it and I got a card so I could buy a new bag, I did, but I don’t use that bag often. The quality of the bag I bought was very, very bad and that is not normal.

Michael Kors has great items, but they really should do something between the price-quality. You pay a lot and you get nothing which is good, so this has to stop.

What is your experience with Michael Kors? Let me know in the comments.


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