Striped t-shirt – Fall fashion trend

Every season comes with new trends, one of the most famous trends this fall and winter are stripes. Especially on t-shirts. As you could have seen in my old blog posts, I already wear this for a longer time. In the pictures above you see some old looks with a striped shirt. New ones will follow soon because you understand this was a reason for me to buy new striped shirts.

I really like stripes. in the first picture you can see the free shirt I got from Vogue Nederland. The second and last picture are from Nikkie.

How to style striped shirts?

This is very easy, you can style it with everything you like. Jeans in another colour than regular black, blue, grey and things like that. But make sure you wear it with jeans in one colour because your t-shirt will have more than one colour, so your jeans have to be one, or otherwise you look like a clown. Wearing more colourfull items in one look is not very stylish and we want to be stylish right?

My style

You know I style most of my looks with a belt, so these looks too. The jeans I wear in the pictures are regular colours, blue and grey, but you can style the Vogue t-shirt also with pink jeans for example. Because white and dark blue in a shirt is a nice combination with pink.Green with black and light blue with white are shirts for normal coloured jeans, like black, blue and grey.

Do you like this trend for the fall and winter? And how do you style it? Let me know in the comments!


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