Parfumvrije lichaamsolie van De

A while ago I visited the allergiebeurs and I met the perfume free makeup brand Sandstone. After the event, I got a goodie bag filled with perfume-free brands, like Derma. I got a sunblock and a body oil. Today I’ll tell you all about the body oil and when the weather is sunnier, I’ll tell you everything about the sunblock.Derma Eco Woman Bodyoil


Derma is a Danish brand with perfume-free skincare. Derma has a few skincare lines, like a sunblock line, a line for man, woman, and babies, but also more. You can find more information on the website of  Parfumvrij.

Derma bodyoilDerma Eco Woman Bodyoil

One of the products in the woman line is skin oil. It is in a pink bottle but the oil itself is transparent. There is no perfume in it, but it has a nice smell, I cannot tell you the smell, but it is not what you expect from a perfume free oil. A thing I don’t like that much is that is has a pump, like a foundation pump, it would be better with a spray, like the pray you have for sunblock oil. I think that’s easier and better to apply an oil.

The oil is very nice in use and it let your skin shine, just like you expect from an oil. It didn’t stick to my pajamas and I didn’t find the oil in my bed when I woke up, the only thing which was left was a soft skin. I love to use body oils and body lotions in the night and I apply it just before I went to bed, but after the after. I want to sleep with oils on my skin, but I don’t like oil spots or things like that, but this oil doesn’t have that, yay!

Derma Eco Woman Bodyoil

A bottle of oil contains 145 ml. The oils you can find in this body oil are jojoba oil, almond oil, and apricot kernel oil. These oils are filled with vitamin E which is great for the elasticity of your skin and give your skin hydration. Derma itself says that the oil is great for your face and hair, but I don’t really believe in the power of oil on my own face and hair, because also without oil it can look like I am an oil bomb, but I’ll try it one day when I don’t have to leave the house and I’ll share the results with you. To be continued… haha. The price of a bottle is around €10,- which is a good price for a perfume free body oil.

Do you already know Derma? What do you think of the oil? Let me know in the comments!!


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