I learned to let things go in my first month in Curacao, this is what.

Letting things go, I’m really bad at it. Yet I realized that certain things on this island are not possible. I had a choice, let them go and be happy here or focus me dead… View Post

Hawaiian sun block, deliciously tropical

Applying sun block on yourself becomes a party with this sun block from Hawaiian. People thought that I made a joke about knowing this brand, but I really didn’t, shame. I love to use sun… View Post

Goodbye food tour through Amsterdam

In the meantime, I have been on Curacao for more than two weeks, but of course, I also gave a goodbye party. On Friday I went to Amsterdam with two friends for a great day… View Post

Small waist with a hoop

Getting thin fast and easily, don’t we want that all? A small waist, a size smaller, less fat on your belly and a tighter tummy! Most people will tell you it is not possible to… View Post

Holiday in Milan and Venice

Italy is a country where I like to come, to ski and to spend the summer. We had a whole road trip in mind, but it was a bit different because of the time. This… View Post