New Year Good Intentions

New year, good intentionsAs you all probably know, the new year is coming and we all make promises to yourself to make this year better and healthier than last year. But why does it only work in the first few days? Well, I always wonder that myself. But I found out what I have to change to make it this year a success and I wanted to share that with you.

92% of good intentions don’t finish the year, this is mostly because it is about things which are good for you, but you don’t like it and it feels more than a must than something fun and that makes it impossible to continue doing it. But another thing is that they are not really like I want to lose 15 kg next week, well you won’t even catch this without eating for the rest of the week, so you only get upset when you see your weight after the week, so don’t do that. If you are upset you won’t catch your goal and you’ll quit, so make it realistic.

The 8% of the good intentions that will last forever is based on energy and joy. They are based on things you miss which you had earlier, or things you want to learn. Things that also work is making goals together with your friends or family because when you do it together it is easier to do and you motive each other. If you have to do something, say if I do this, you can do the things you want to do later, but if you don’t do it, we don’t do it. When your goal is losing weight and go to the gym, don’t give yourself a pizza, because that made you sport for nothing. And at last, work with mini goals, instead of big goals. Make the goals easy to reach in a week or month and not in next year, because you won’t see the progress that fast and that works in the opposite┬ádirection and we like to get triggered by good things.

What are my good intentions?

Well, I always look at skinny girls with an amazing body and this year I want to get that body. I want to lose some weight and get that perfect body, I will eat healthily and you to the gym more often to reach my goal and this year I hope I will reach my goal.

What is your good intention? Let me know in the comments.


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